Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument
Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument

Infrared Photon Rejuvenating Beauty Instrument

Ships From: China
Color: Pink
Product Description


Working Principle: ION+,ION-,EMS,Infrared,Vibration Massage

Power Source: Dry Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Metal

Item Type: EMS Facial Massager

Function 9: Anti-Wrinkle Device

Function 8: Skin Fiming Massager

Function 7: Skin Tightening Massager

Function 6: Facial Lifting Device

Function 5: Infrared Red Light Therapy Face Lifting Beauty Device

Function 4: ION Vibration Massager

Function 3: ION Deep Cleaning Beauty Device

Function 2: EMS Micro current Device Beauty

Function 15: Fade Fine Line

Function 14: Eyes Skin Rejuvenation Massager

Function 13: Skin Care Beauty Device

Function 12: Skin Whitening Brightning

Function 11: Anti-Aging Beauty Device

Function 10: Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument

Function 1: EMS Vibration Massager

Function: Facial Clean,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation,Anti Wrinkle,Whitening,Lifting

Brand Name: foreverlily

Mini Facial Massager

How to replace the battery


1.Tiny body with great effects. Although this mini facial massager is even smaller than an egg, it possesses two major cutting-edge technologies in the market, which can effectively rejuvenate your skin and help you stay young.

2.Bright red light illumination. Red light has long been proven by scientific experiments to have the effect of fading wrinkles and softening skin. The highly-concentrated red light we adopted can penetrate skin surface and reach deep into skin, effectively promoting collagen regeneration, smoothing skin and removing spots.

3.Strong vibration waves. A powerful motor is installed in this massager. This high-performance motor can generate high-intensity vibration waves, which, when used in conjunction with the red light it emits, can stimulate skin muscle to enhance the vitality of cells and promote their regeneration. Thus, you skin regains its vitality and is lifted.

4.Ultra-portable. We should never slack off on skin care, and this product can fully meet this need. It is so compact in size that a egg will look giant when compared with it. It can fit easily into your pocket, enabling you to carry it around. Just put in in your pocket or bag, and give your face a massage whenever you feel like it.

How to use the machine

1.To open the machine, hold the upper electroplated part, and touch skin with the lower electroplated part.

2.Move the massager back and forth on face to massage.


How to replace its batteries

1.Rotate the upper electroplated part anticlockwise to remove the cover.

2.Replace the batteries.

3.Load the cover and rotate clockwise to secure it.



1. The machine will not open unless the electroplated parts at both ends are in contact with the skin.

2.The product does not need to be charged. It will alarm you when the battery is running low, and it can be reused after replacing the battery.



Item type:Mini facial massager
Rated voltage:3V
Rated power:0.35W
Standby current:5UA
Battery capacity:200mAh


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Product Reviews


Our IPL permanent painless laser epilator is equipped with five gears adjustable light intensity to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust it according to your basic skin color.


Our IPL permanent painless laser epilator has two flashing modes to meet your hair removal needs for different parts. One is for small areas, such as bikinis, underarms, lips, or other more sensitive areas, and another is for large areas, such as arms, legs, and back.


The pulsed light penetrates the epidermis and reaches the hair follicle, making it gradually shrink when exposed to light and heat, which will accelerate the process of natural hair shedding and inhibit its growth.


Our epilator is tiny in size and light in weight, and you can use it anytime, anywhere. There is no more worrying about not being able to go to the salon for hair removal before your date. You can also take it with you when traveling or on business to show your perfect self at all times.

Does this completely remove hair?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an innovative light-based technology that works by breaking the hair re-growth cycle. It emits gentle pulses of light beneath the surface of the skin that targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The melanin heats up and the hair is shed naturally. With continued, periodic use, the light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin’s surface and re-growth is permanently reduced.

What should I use after treatment ?

You don't need to use anything after treatment. If you'd like, feel free to use your moisturizer, cream, or skin care product of your choice.

How many times a month can I use it?

You are supposed to use it once a week for 8-12 weeks, then once a month for maintenance.

Is it safe to use on ingrown hair and razor bumps?

Our epilators are absolutely safe to use and are actually effective against ingrown hairs, however we wouldn't recommend them for use over irritated skin such as razor bumps.

Can I shower after doing my legs or will it irritate the skin?

You can shower after, no irritation. You'll want to make sure the area is freshly shaved and no products on your skin when you do the laser.. no lotion, deodorant, etc.

Did anyone try this on indian skin? Will it work on brown skin with dark hair?

I used it on my daughter and she is brown skinned. It worked.