4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool
4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool
4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool
4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool
4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool
4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool

4 in 1 Facial Skincare Tool

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Ships From: China
Product Description


Working Principle: LED,EMS,Warm,Infrared,Vibration Massage

Weight: 120g

Voltage: 5V

Type: LED Facial Massage Tool

Technology 04: Therapeutic Warmth

Technology 03: Vibrating Massage

Technology 02: Red Light Therapy

Technology 01: Microcurrent

Target Area: Face Eye Neck

Support: Dropshipping & Wholesale

Standard Voltage: 110V,220V,110V(不含)-220V(不含)

Size: 163*15.4*13.5MM

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Power: 2.5W

Place of Origin: China

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: RF-08

Microcurrent: 500μA

Material: ABS & Stainless Steel

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Anti-acne,Anti Wrinkle,Whitening,Lifting

Feature 08: Rotating Eye beauty deivce

Feature 07: Lift and Firm Skin

Feature 06: Remove Wrinkles

Feature 05: Skincare Absorption

Feature 04: Warming Facial Massage

Feature 03: Vibrating Face Massager

Feature 02: LED Facial Massage Tool

Feature 01: Skin Care Tools

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Certification: CE

Brand Name: little dolphin

Battery Capacity: 330mAh

4 in 1 Skin Care Tool LED Facial Massage Tool - Micro-USB Rechargeable Vibrating Face Massager | Microcurrent, Red Light Therapy, Therapeutic Warmth, And Facial Massage

The skin care Wand is a seamlessly designed beauty tool that integrates 4 powerful functions into the ultimate skincare experience. Crafted with an aluminum alloy, the skin care Wand is simple to clean and easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port.

Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent uses low-voltage energy to stimulate the muscles and deeper layers of the skin, helping with signs of aging and promoting smooth, healthy skin.

Red Light Therapy Technology

Optimal range of LED red light at 660nm helps deeply rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance and vibrance of the skin.

Vibration Massage Technology

Low-vibration provides a gentle massage, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosting the skin’s natural radiance.

Therapeutic Warmth

Warming wand head helps to increase the absorption of skin care products, reduce redness, and support healthy, glowing skin.


✨IDEAL PARTS TO USE ON - Use on your Forehead, eyes, cheeks, jawline, and neck. A massage for your soft and light skin on your face and neck. Gentle and friendly to your skin.
✨RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE - Face massager is rechargeable using a micro-USB port enabling repeated use anytime anywhere you need to. A compact design to perfectly fit your pockets, handbag, or purse.
✨MULTIPLE POSITIONS USE - You can use this facial massaging tool in a vertical “I” position or tilt the head horizontal. This helps improve efficiency and reaching different parts of your face and neck perfectly.
✨AUTOMATED ON/OFF - The facial massager tool automatically switches itself on when it gets in contact with your skin and turns off as soon as you move it away from your skin. This helps save power and keep it in use for the longest time possible. PLEASE NOTE, the product was made to be used alongside your skincare routine, for example after you have cleansed your face and moisturized. The trigger works consistently when coming into contact with skin that is moisturized.
✨FULL BENEFITS: Reduces appearance of fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, redness, blemishes, dark spots and amplifies skincare absorption.
✨EASY CLEANING - Use a cloth to wipe the device clean and have it ready for the next use. Please note that the product is NOT WATERPROOF, do not rinse the product to clean it.

Some Function

1. The head can be rotated by 90°,can be used in multiple parts.
2. All metal process,more texture.
3. Magnetic charging,beautiful justification,no need to plug and unplug.
4. Soothing heat,pomotes absorption and dilute melanin,allowing skin care products to penetrate directly to the skin.
5. EMS micro current,soothing massage, positive and negative ions wake up cell self-repair function, accelerate the essence of deep absorption.
6. High frequency vibration,relieve fatigue,massage the skin to help remove oily dirt.
7. LED phototherapy,Red light and short wave,accelerate cell regeneration and faculty guarantee synthesis, fight off Melanin precipitation, remove fine wrinkles
8. Intelligent induction, touch start, energy saving and power saving.
9. Mini and portable,convenient for carry.
10. Vibration import,skin care products will be easily absorbed into the skin of small molecules, the nutrition deep into the skin.

Quick tips:

* The skin care Wand can be used on most areas of your face: forehead, under eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and upper lip.
* The skin care Wand forms two distinct positions: the rotated “T-bar” position.
* When using the wand, glide across your face in an upward and outward movement.
* Clean your skin care Wand by spraying a dry cloth with water or disinfecting spray and wiping down the head.

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Product Reviews


Our IPL permanent painless laser epilator is equipped with five gears adjustable light intensity to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust it according to your basic skin color.


Our IPL permanent painless laser epilator has two flashing modes to meet your hair removal needs for different parts. One is for small areas, such as bikinis, underarms, lips, or other more sensitive areas, and another is for large areas, such as arms, legs, and back.


The pulsed light penetrates the epidermis and reaches the hair follicle, making it gradually shrink when exposed to light and heat, which will accelerate the process of natural hair shedding and inhibit its growth.


Our epilator is tiny in size and light in weight, and you can use it anytime, anywhere. There is no more worrying about not being able to go to the salon for hair removal before your date. You can also take it with you when traveling or on business to show your perfect self at all times.

Does this completely remove hair?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an innovative light-based technology that works by breaking the hair re-growth cycle. It emits gentle pulses of light beneath the surface of the skin that targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The melanin heats up and the hair is shed naturally. With continued, periodic use, the light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin’s surface and re-growth is permanently reduced.

What should I use after treatment ?

You don't need to use anything after treatment. If you'd like, feel free to use your moisturizer, cream, or skin care product of your choice.

How many times a month can I use it?

You are supposed to use it once a week for 8-12 weeks, then once a month for maintenance.

Is it safe to use on ingrown hair and razor bumps?

Our epilators are absolutely safe to use and are actually effective against ingrown hairs, however we wouldn't recommend them for use over irritated skin such as razor bumps.

Can I shower after doing my legs or will it irritate the skin?

You can shower after, no irritation. You'll want to make sure the area is freshly shaved and no products on your skin when you do the laser.. no lotion, deodorant, etc.

Did anyone try this on indian skin? Will it work on brown skin with dark hair?

I used it on my daughter and she is brown skinned. It worked.